There are plenty of applications we can download on Android. Among them, utilities apps would be one of my favorite category, because they help me to do many things. Here’s my top list of utilities apps for Android. Give them a try, they all are free!


Top utilities applications list

Android Device Manager

This tracking application is really awesome. It will allows you to track your phone if you ever lost it, remotely reset your PIN screen lock number and even to remotely erase all data on your phone. You lost your phone in your house? No problem! You can remotely make your phone ring, loudly, even if it was on silence mode. Never lose your phone again!

Android device manager 1 Android device manager 2

Microsoft Office Lens

This application let you scan documents with your phone directly. You will be able to convert your documents into PDF, Word or Powerpoint. You will also be able to perform search directly in your images with the optical character recognition technology.

Microsoft Office Lens 1 Microsoft Office Lens 2

Antutu Benchmark

Antutu Benchmark is a bench application for you Android device. It runs multiple test on your phone (3D, UX, CPU and RAM) and it gives you results. You can then compare your results with other phones for performances. It can be useful if you want to buy a new phone and are looking for something that perform better. The application also gives you a lot of information about your phone (CPU type, display settings, camera specifications, etc…).

Antutu benchmark 1 Antutu benchmark 2

Antutu benchmark 3 Antutu benchmark 4 Antutu benchmark 5 Antutu benchmark 6


This application will allows you to install new ringtones, alarm sounds, wallpapers as well as to customize your application’s icons. They have a big collection of media and they all are free. You will find something for sure!

Zedge 1 Zedge 2 Zedge 3 Zedge 4 Zedge 5

Go Launcher

Another application which will help you to easily customize your Android device. Choose between many themes, wallpapers, widgets and tools to make your device unique. Hide or lock your applications to make your phone more secure. Choose transitions and background depending on which section of your phone you are. With almost 6 million download, this free application is one of the most popular of its category!

Go Launcher 1 Go Launcher 2 Go Launcher 3 Go Launcher 4


This app will allows you to customize widgets in your Android device. Create Widgets, edit them, change their colors, their sizes, etc… The last touch to give to your phone after all these customization plugins!

Widgetsoid 1 Widgetsoid 2 Widgetsoid 3 Widgetsoid 4


Do you ever have forgotten in which street did you park your car? Well, it already has happened to me… With the Valet app, you will never forget again! The application keep your parking location with the GPS. It is also possible to set alarms for parking meters.

Valet 1

Bubble levels

A classic… I use this app to fix frames or tablets to levels on walls. This app is really light and can be helpful, a must have!

Bubble levels

Wifi Analyzer

This application may come really handy for analyzing your Wifi. It will suggest you the best channel to use and give you the ammount of dBm for a Wifi. In other words, you’ll be able to set your Wifi for the best performances.

Wifi Analyzer 1 Wifi Analyzer 2 Wifi Analyzer 3 Wifi Analyzer 4

Adobe Photoshop express

The last but not least, the Photoshop express application! Crop your photos, edit them, correct red eyes, apply effects on the go… There are many pictures customization tools to use with this app, explore them by yourself!

Adobe Photoshop Express 1 Adobe Photoshop Express 2 Adobe Photoshop Express 3


That’s it! I hope you will enjoy these apps. If your favorite app doesn’t figure in that list, write a comment down below and tell me what it is!

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  1. Matt on February 28, 2016

    Nice apps collection bro… I will try some

  2. Alex on March 1, 2016

    Zedge is definitely a must for new ringtones and wallpaper

  3. Michu on March 2, 2016

    Microsoft Lens didn’t worked well for me but anyway… It’s a Microsoft program, I should not ask too much 😉

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