I personally like to backup all of my text messages. Sometimes, I need to get back into old messages to find an information. Other times, it simply allows me to read old conversation I had. If I were able to keep all those text messages into my phone I would do it, but the space is limited and this is not possible. Backing up those messages on my Gmail account is a great solution; it allows me to keep every messages with no space limitation and easily find specifics messages with the Gmail search tool.

I will now tell you how to backup your text messages on your Android phone in a easy way.

How to backup text messages on Gmail account

Step 1

Download and install the free SMS Backup + app on Google store.



Step 2

Press on Connect and select the Gmail account you want to use for the backup. Your phone must already be sync with that Gmail account.



Step 3

When it asks you if you want to skip or backup; select backup. The backup will then start automatically and you will need to wait until your backup is complete!


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