Changing language was a difficult task in older versions of Windows. Now in the newer versions, Windows make it easier for us to have a multi-languages environment. It even allow us to set language for differents account so it can be really useful for people using a shared computer in differents languages. Here is the steps to follow in order to change your display language in Windows 10.

Add a new language in Windows 10

You need first to add your new desired language. To do so, open the control panel. You can open it quickly by typing “control panel” in the bottom search field.



Now click on the “Language” button. If you don’t have the view as in the following image, change the “View by” value located at the top right for “Small icons”.



Now click the “Add a language” button.


And choose your desired language from the list.


And that’s it for this step! We now have our new language added. But it doesn’t end here, we now need to download the language pack.


Download language pack for the new added language

Now that we have our new language added, click on the “Options” button located at the right of the language.


Click the “Download and install language pack” button.


And we now almost have our new language ready to go! We still need to make it our default display language.


Make the new language the default display language

To do so, it is really easy. You can achieve this either in two ways :

1- You can move the new language to the top of the list using the “Move up” button.

2- You can click on the “Advanced settings” button at the top left, and then modify the default “Use language list” choice with your newly installed language.



And Voilà! Like I said, it is a bit more easier than the older versions.

For the changes to take effects, simply restart your computer and you should have a new display language.

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