iPhone users are so attached to their music library that they have created out there by buying tunes from iTunes that they find it hard to do away with them. But, now the users don’t have to settle for anything else because they can get the iTunes transferred to Android devices. There are tools available for this noble cause and you can make use of any of these tools to get all your favorite tracks on the new Android smartphone that you have acquired lately. Few years back, it seemed impossible to get things done easily, but now with the emergence of so many apps out there, the whole procedure has been simplified to the extent that anybody can now complete the whole procedure all by themselves and that too without any expert help. And now you can easily transfer with this easy to follow tutorial.

Step by step on How to transfer music from iPhone to Android?

There are several ways of getting it done, but the easiest one is discussed here for all of you. This procedure wants you to sync the music tracks of iPhone with the music library of iTunes that you have on your PC’s desktop. Then the other thing that is involved in this process is to upload the music files to the music account of Google. In order to get started you must possess iTunes software already installed on your computer, Apple ID as well as Google Account and Google Music Manager installed. Now follow the procedures step by step –

  • Open Apple account of your iTunes with Apple ID
  • Now go to Music library and click on the tab that say Songs and there you will be displayed the whole music list
  • Go through the list and ensure that the songs you want to transfer is stored there on your PC
  • If you find iCloud logo with a button, which says download just by the side of the track, then that means the tune has not been downloaded in your PC yet
  • So, you can go ahead and download it by clicking on the download button and the best part is that while you are selecting other songs, the downloading will carry on simultaneously
  • In case, you don’t see the music tracks that you had purchased in there, then navigate to Preferences and then Store where you will have to enable the option of Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases.
  • In order to get the music tracks uploaded to Google music you will have to launch the Google Music Manager on your PC and use your Google account to log in
  • Now select the option, which says Upload Songs to Google Play that is there on setup page and in there you will find the iTunes, select it
  • The next screen appear where you will be asked whether you want the new songs to be uploaded to the Google Play Music too or not
  • You just have to setup the options correctly and the rest will be taken care of and you will have that on your Google account

You can make use of apps on your Android device to listen to your favorite music from iTunes.

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