The Mozilla Firefox browser has been all over the place all this while with a little exception of the Apple devices. Though you would find Firefox everywhere except for Apple, but things might soon change. Mozilla has been coming up with the idea of the Firefox browser for the iOS devices as well. The main hindrance that was keeping Firefox away from Apple was the fact that Apple didn’t entertain the idea of Firefox using its own web engine. Mozilla, which is the brain behind the open source browser had announced it earlier also that they would not be joining Apple, but now as things are taking a turn for the better, the iOS users soon will have a new browser for perusal.

Mozilla welcomes the change

Apple has always been concerned about the security and it thought that if they will allow any other web engine, then it might hamper the security. Therefore, it always compelled others to use the in- house code. But, after so many years of persuasion Apple finally nodded a “yes” in favor of Mozilla using its own web engine. Mozilla wanted to reach out the maximum amount of users, but as Apple was blocking their way, so they were not able to capture the hearts of iOS users. Now that the announcement has been made official, people are waiting for the version to launch soon. It is believed that Mozilla will first use the engine of Apple only and then customize the interface according to them. It is somewhat similar to the way Google operates Chrome. It is definitely a welcome change for the users as well as Mozilla because Apple is famous for not allowing any third party browser on their platform. If you are thinking about Chrome and iOS that are present in there, then you must know that they are using the Apple’s internal JavaScript as well as the rendering engines.

Apple and Mozilla work together

The iOS users definitely would love to have the Firefox browser on their device, but for that the two giants need to sort out a middle way, which will allow Firefox to enter the iOS arena and Apple will also have the browser on board. It seems unlikely that Apple will go out of their way to adjust the Firefox browser, but it is said that Firefox will have to make use of the Apple’s technology if they have to enter this market. But, even if they do so, they will still have the option of bookmark sync tools along with various other features that is available in for the Android version of Firefox.

Mostly users get habituated with one browser and if that browser is available all across the platforms, then nothing better than that. They will be able to use the bookmarks as well as the passwords and it’s also helpful in sync too. All said and done, it will take some time to finalize everything because Mozilla is experimenting with things that will allow the users of iOS devices to have Firefox like feel.

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