There are some people who shoot .mov files and upload it in the computer as a backup, but not always do they want the whole movie to eat up the disk space. Therefore, there is a need of a tool, which will help them cut the .mov files and keep the favorite part stored in their computer. So, this is one of the reasons why people want to cut down the .mov files. It might also happen that you have shot for a long time, but now you just want portions of the whole shoot, then what do you do? Obviously, cut down the unwanted pieces with the help of a cutter that cuts .mov files without any major hitches. So, in order to get this whole process completed without getting into complications, you will definitely love to have a MOV cutter that is easy to use and has simple interface too. It will be the perfect assistant in weaving up the perfect video size for you.

Some apps to help you out

You will find several apps that will help you out in completing this action. There are apps, which are efficient enough to get you desired length of your video and as they are easy to cut you will find it fun to go along with the process. Then there are apps that will give you a preview in real time, so that you can decide on which portion to chop off effortlessly. Things become much easier when you have a helpful app, which does half the work for yourself. You will also be able to save them in different formats depending on your requirement or you can burn it up on your DVD or just upload it directly online.

What exactly is MOV?

The QuickTime has a media format, which is known as MOV and it is developed by none other than Apple Inc. The users put this to use in order to store digital media and when you select the QuickTime the video will get stored as MOV files. So, now that you know about MOV files, it is time to introduce you to the MOV cutter, which will help you in getting things done professionally. In order to shorten the length of the video you won’t have to compromise on the quality of the video. Conversion of other formats into MOV is also made possible through this app, which is called the Idoo video editor. Not only that you can add effects as well along with adjusting contrast or add subtitle along with watermark. Here is how you can make use of this app –

  • Once you open the app, click on the Add File option in order to get the audio file or the video file
  • To trim the section of the video, dragging of the sliders will work fine
  • Then, click on Cut to get the preview of the file
  • To save the path, click on browse
  • To continue the action of cutting and then saving simultaneously you can just click on Start
  • This will get you started with the action.

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