If you are able to us something which is hands free in order to figure out the settings or type on your behalf for that matter then our life would have been much simpler. Why does voice recognition works wonderfully for so many people? It is simple because you do not have to type in anything and that means the percentage of committing errors decreases by more than 50%. When you don’t know the route to reach your destination then it is obvious that you will be wandering around in the settings and there are chances that while pottering around you might rub off the wrong keys. But if you have the voice recognition then it is most likely that you will be able to tell them the destination and they will take you straight there.

Siri – an introduction!

Siri has made this thing possible. With minimum of touch it and take you to the destination without fearing that you might be doing something wrong. It is a wonderful app that will help you to make calls from your contacts, send text messaging for you and many more. Just ask Siri to help you out and it will be your sure shot rescuer. This is the reason more and more people are trying to launch App specific settings with Siri in iOS 7. It is easy to use and fun to explore how useful it can be with several features that are available in iOS 7.

If you want to launch App specific settings with Siri in iOS 7 then you need to follow few easy steps. So, if you want to make any changes in the Mail then –

  • You will have to go login to your mail first
  • Now launch Siri by pressing home button
  • When Siri will ask you for a command just say launch settings and touch the middle of the frequency line that flows at the bottom
  • It will take you to the settings of mail and you will be able to make any required changes
  • Setting up alarm
  • Marking a reminder
  • Making an appointment
  • To set up a timer
  • To start music player
  • To open up any app
  • Reading emails
  • Get the latest sports scores, etc.

You can use Siri for various other reasons like –

Basically when you are trying to launch App specific settings with Siri in iOS 7 you need to go to that particular app and then follow the steps and it will take you to the specific settings. You can try the same steps for say Chrome, so –

  • You go to Chrome ten you launch Siri
  • Ask Siri to launch Settings
  • But this time it will return with a message instead of settings saying that – ‘I’m afraid I couldn’t find the settings for this app’

This message means that Chrome doesn’t have any settings available. Moreover when you Launch App specific settings with Siri in iOS 7 you are actually saving your own time as it consumes more time when you do the steps manually. Therefore it seems to be quite helpful tool.

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