The Smartphone is similar to the Minicomputer, not because it has the Processor and RAM just like a PC but also because it can be used with flexibility in the mirror to the PCs. When all the other features are similar to the PC, it will also be affected by the Virus and the Malware just as our desktop gets. This makes the people to be worried about the security of the Android phone as same as they are for their personal computers. But, the vast android market has removed that worry too. There are various security apps that resemble the antivirus software on a common PC. So lets see what are the Top Android Security Apps.

Android Security Apps, Avast! Mobile Security, Avast! Mobile Security logo, avast for android, howgeeksview, how geeks viewAvast! Mobile Security

This is one of the most preferred antivirus app for the Android Smartphone that as the brand name of the famous antivirus company, Avast. It is one among the Top and best Android Security Apps. The app has the simple and clever algorithm that constantly detect the threat in the Smartphone just as the pro antivirus would have done in the PC.

On the rooted devices, the app works with enhanced features allowing you to block the singles as well. the app also gives various plus features like memory optimization and cache clean up. However it consumes lots of battery and is not free as well.

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Download Avast! Mobile Security


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This is the amazing antivirus app that has all the features that an android user would like to have in the security app. The algorithms and virus definitions are highly advanced that enable it to detect the threat within a few seconds.

Also, it does to consume much memory and hence is perfect app for the security purpose. In addition, it saves the phone form all the potential risk like WIFI, Bluetooth and Data signals. The only drawback is the initialization time of the app. It takes a few seconds to initialize the manual scanner.

Android Security Apps, Avira Free Android Security, Avira Android Security app, Avira Free Android Security app, Avira app, Avira antivirus, howgeeksview, how geeks view

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Android Lookout Security And Antivirus, android Lookout Security App, Android Lookout App, Android Security AppsLookout Security And Antivirus

Lookout has emerged as the really portable app that adds no burden on the device accept the time when it is started for the manual scan, although getting repaired with frequent updates. The app is able to detect a number of threats like virus, malware, adware and spyware. Also, there is wide support once the user is connected to the online sources. Apart from this, it takes very less time to get updated on the WI-FI.

This makes people to prefer this app for the mobile security app over others. That’s why Android Security Apps are widely useful for all android devices. Also the app is available for free which improves its popularity.

Lookout Security And Antivirus App

Download Lookout Security And Antivirus

Final Choice

Although, all the apps are good in their frame of reference, only one app will be getting the reward for the top security app on the android phones. Considering all the factors, Avira can be placed as the top rank as it does not cause the load on the system and also keep the functionality at the minimum. However, the Avast and the Lookout a bit heavy options that are loaded with various complex features that too with lots of disk space. This makes the Avira to win over the other security app. Now its your take to choose among the top Android Security Apps, that suits your device the best.

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