The technology is so advanced these days that within few minutes all data in your iPhone Device could be saved for lifetime and it will be free again to make some more memories in form of videos, images and songs. Generally people at online search engine try to get information about how to sync data’s from iPhone to PC (using iTunes)? However, the method is not complex; it’s little bit technical and easy for those who have adequate knowledge of computer functions. Before stepping ahead one needs iTunes software installed in the PC. It is not necessary to have Macintosh make operating system; even on windows one can play iTunes easily. With the apple device, iTunes CD is given which can be used in the DVD/CD drive of the laptop for installation. Today we will show How to Sync data’s from iPhone to PC (using iTunes)

What are the steps to Sync data’s from iPhone to PC (using iTunes)?

Before you move further to Sync Data’s from iPhone to PC, Download the latest version of iTunes from online sources. The steps which are involved in transferring data to the computer from iPhone are:-

 Syncing set up

Install iTunes 10.5 or higher version and install iOS 5 or above for syncing process. Every time the user sync, content is updated between the iOS system device and PC so that it can show new data, updates and erased contents. The user can change the sync options whenever requires from the settings counter.

 Authorize your computer

In order to Authorize your new PC with iTunes, you need to use your Apple ID. Apple ID is an primary Authentication to sign into iTunes. Login with your Apple ID, to authorize the new computer. To Authorize from the Menu options click on “Store-> Authorize This Computer”. Once you have  Authorized, you will be able to Sync data’s from iPhone to PC.

 Use of USB

Simply open the iTunes window and connect the iOS phone to the PC by using USB cable that is given in the box of the handset. A window will appear and on that in the very right corner handset image is made. Click on the device option or else click on the library tab first if logged into iTunes store initially.

 Data transfer

The method of transferring data is very simple and fast. The moment you click on the option Sync, iTunes will ask permission to sync all content that is present in your device. You can partially save things from iOS device to the computer by clicking on data individually. This is quite easy for beginners; they need to follow only the instructions that appear on the iTunes window. No technical or professional help is required inorder to Sync Data’s from iPhone to PC.

However, with Wi-Fi option also one can sync data from iPhone device to the computer via iTunes. The password of Wi-Fi should pass both the devices and once they are connected, all content of the device will show on iTunes of PC.

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