Outpacing the IT market, the most recent version of the Microsoft OS was expected to be a major breakthrough. However, the rumors have played their part to transpose the image of mobile OS on the simple desktop operating system, the Windows 8. Contradistinction, the practical image of (so called) striking Windows 8 has been denatured with certain hardware bound impurities. In simple words, the magnificent windows 8 is not smooth as it was imposed by the pre-launch rumors. There are still a few technical glitches that pop up due to improper configuration. Fortunately, here are secret tips on “How to Speed up windows 8 and its performance” of your gorgeous windows 8 OS.

How To Speed Up Windows 8 And Its Performance? What are necessary steps involved?

1. Disabling The Startup Services:

The most prominent cause of system slowdown is the handful of Background Applications, some of which are not even required by the user. These Startup Applications run automatically, the moment you get into windows and takes half your windows time in loading unwanted application startup’s.   The secret trick is to disable them, such that only handful of necessary applications are loaded up during startup and unwanted applications are disabled. Such that it speed up windows 8.

How To Disable Startup Service:

STEP 1: Type ‘msconfig’ in the Run Window and hit enter.

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STEP 2: Choose the ‘Services’ tab from the System Configuration window.

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STEP 3: Check the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ check box and you will have a list of all the services that does not deserve space in the background. (So, disable all of them which you feel is not required).

But, this is not over yet.

STEP 4: Switch to the ‘Startup’ Tab in the same window and “Disable” unwanted programs that appear in the list which you don’t wish to loadup during the startup.

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STEP 5: Finally, click ‘Ok’ and choose to restart the.

2. Disable Animations :

Windows 8 has got an special effects of animation that animates during Windows Minimize, Maximize and closing the program. These animations will generally slow down your System Performance and will make your windows 8 to run slow. Inorder to Speed up Windows 8 PC, you can try disabling the animation effects to get the best performance from your Windows 8.

How to Disable Animations on Windows 8:

STEP 1: Open the RUN Command (or) press “Win+R” Key.

STEP 2: In the Run Dialogue box type “SystemPropertiesAdvanced” and then press enter. It will open the System properties With Advanced Tab.

STEP 3: Then click on the Setting button in the Performance tab.

STEP 4: Now the “Performance Options” Window will re-open. There just untick the following checkbox options. “Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing” , “Fade or slide menus into view” & “Fade or slide ToolsTips into view”.

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That’s it, you may even uncheck other effects if you feel you don’t want them.


3. Delete useless programs

In windows 8 there are various other taskbar, startup, programs features etc are involved, which effect performance and processor speed. Even, good antivirus pack and useful programs installation also effects the performance of the PC extremely. Go to the official website of Microsoft and install; only genuine products which are applicable to improve the speed of the PC.  So check them out and get best advantages out of your new latest windows.

4.   Disable extra sound settings

It becomes very necessary to improve and speed up the performance of an operating system that has windows 8 so that other useful programs can work efficiently and fast.  Thus, you can control sound system configuration by disabling extra background sounds in order to speed up windows 8 performance. Other programs such as MS office, Photoshop and explorer get boost and work more effectively when sounds like opening windows, clicking, disconnect or connect connections, battery status and error messages stopped manually

 Well those were our list of methods to Speed up Windows 8 and improve its performance. Try it out your self and feel the difference of loading your Windows 8 PC much faster than before.

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  1. Janith on August 25, 2014

    Amazing tips. thank you for sharing :)