One of the most widely used application on which mobile phones run these days is Android software application. It has become the preferred choice due to its advantages and relative usage. One such software is the Android Application Package (APK) files. They are considered as application package files saved with APK extension. The main function of download android APK files is in assisting installation of third party application, for example like APK games, as they make the task much easy. In an android Smartphone, things like downloading app from Play store gets frustrating for the user. This comes in the solution in form of APK downloader which helps in pulling APK files from Play store servers.

The APK downloader is not a tool that makes piracy possible; it takes in the package name for the desired app and makes work possible with just a single mouse click. When the download link is used and APK file is acquired, it becomes easy to bypass the Play Store errors.

Things required to Download Android APK Files:

1) A Google chrome browser.

2) APK Downloader Extension.

3) An Android device or may be a Blue Stacks app.

Steps to Download Android APK Files:

STEP 1: Open Google chrome, type “chrome://extensions” in the bar.

STEP 2: Drag 1.4.3.crx file downloaded from Extensions page

STEP 3: Click at the option below APK downloader on the extension page and you will be asked to provide details like password. Enter email details of your Google play account.

STEP 4: One can install BlueStacks App player and run it.

STEP 5: In BlueStacks one can search for DeviceID app and download it.

STEP 6: After installing, at the DeviceID app and note the email address and type in the Downloader settings page open in Chrome.

STEP 7: Save the settings and browse play store from and click on APK downloader that shows to download APK file.

After following all the basic procedure, it is required to know basic things about the files, as lack of knowledge bereaves from numerous useful files may cause problem in future. Certain rules and regulations are to be followed as a slight error and can lead to disastrous results.

Another important thing to take in consideration is to keep in mind the requirements of the client. It is mandatory to incorporate all the features in order to avoid complaints from clients. As, the developers keep adding new features to make it more beneficial and increase its demand in the market without any issues. It is easier to download android APK files in an android phones as it allows to access various features and games.

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